29 June, 2011

How is a Cotton Fiber Made

The Cotton Polymers : The cotton polymer is a linear, cellulose polymer. The repeating unit in the cotton  polymer is cellubiose which consists of two glucose unit. 
The cotton polymer consists of about 5000 cellubiose units, that is its degree of polymerization. It is a very long linear polymer about 5000 nm in length and about 0.8 nm thick. The most important chemical grouping on the cotton polymers are the hydroxyl group or -OH group. There are also present as Methyle groups or -CH2OH.
Shape Of a Cotton Polymer

Arrangement of Polymers:
  • When random----------Amorfaz (30-35)%
  • When Parralal---------- Crystalline (65-70)%
The polymer system of Cotton :
Cotton is a crystalline polymer. Its polymer system is about 65 to 70% crystalline and correspondingly 30-35%

What is Crystallinity:
Arrangement of polymer may be random or parallel during crystallization. Where the arrangement is random called amorphaus region. and where is parallel called crystalline region. Many properties of fiber depends on crystallinity.

More amorphous Fibers are..............
  • More absorbent
  • Weaker (low tenacity)
  • Less durable
  • More easily degraded by chemical.
  • More easily dyed.
  • Comfortable.


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